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Natural functional elements

Each product is expertly formulated with unique combinations of functional ingredients to ensure effectiveness based on the characteristics of the part of the body to be treated.

Ingredients of biological origin


The extraordinary antibacterial, soothing and restorative characteristics of donkey milk have been known since ancient times.

Already Hippocrates and Pliny the Elder, ancient doctors praised and exalted the multiple properties and healing abilities of the skin, recommending and advising it to promote the skin healing process. Cleopatra herself followed by Poppea and Messalina and later by Paolina Bonaparte used to immerse herself in donkey milk for her daily beauty baths. The scientific community and recent studies have demonstrated the interesting characteristics of donkey milk in the cosmetic field:

• moisturizing activity

• increases skin elasticity

• resistance and protection against aging of the skin

• counteracts the activity of free radicals

• counteracts capillary fragility and reduces rosacea, thanks to the minerals it contains

• stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid and of fibroblasts.



Fatty acids: in particular Omega-3 and Omega-6, useful in the prevention of skin diseases associated with inflammatory processes such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis, and essential for the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins (vitamins A, D and E).

Lysozyme, lactoferrin and lactoperoxidase: enzymes thanks to which the bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and epithelial-repairing activity is enhanced, essential for the treatment of acne and irritation symptoms, such as burning and itching of both the epidermis and the scalp even in the case of sensitive and delicate skin .

Vitamins A, D, E: fundamental for the healing faculties and for the treatment of burns, sores and chaps.

Leptin: an important inhibitor of lipogenesis, it promotes the elimination of excess sebum and the irritating phenomenon of "shiny skin".

Whey proteins: able to form a film with a "filler" effect, they act on the relaxation and contraction of the muscles, facilitating the prevention and reduction of the classic "crow's feet".

Amino acids: excellent allies for all skin types and very important for the reduction of damage caused by cellular aging and for its prevention.

The growth factors: they favor cellular maturation and proliferation, have a soothing, skin-purifying, protective and emollient action.

Lactose: with emollient, moisturizing and softening action.


With its well-known healing and regenerating properties, thanks to the presence of antioxidants, capable of slowing the aging process by fighting free radicals, and the high protein content, it restores a healthy, young and toned appearance to the skin.

It is rich in vitamins, reduces inflammation and promotes tanning by ensuring skin hydration.
It reduces viral or bacterial infections by acting as a protective barrier against pathogens that insinuate themselves on the surface or in the pores of the skin.
It improves elasticity and blemishes, reduces acne and its associated signs, scars, stretch marks and sunburn.

Prevents and eliminates premature wrinkles, spots, fights warts and acne by eliminating the bacteria that permanently produce it, eliminates the signs of burn spots,
greatly reduces scarring, essential for preventing stretch marks in pregnancy.

It reduces cellulite, makes the signs of diseases such as chicken pox invisible, recommended in post-surgery treatments to heal quickly and avoid the formation of infections.
In children, it relieves redness and skin irritation.
Excellent after sun, it gives relief by refreshing the skin and keeps the tan for longer without blemishes.

Attenuates and fights varicose veins and hemorrhoids.



Allantoin: regenerates and repairs tissues, regenerating dead cells.

Collagen: fundamental constituent of the epidermal tissue with a strong moisturizing action.

Elastin: protein that gives elasticity to the tissues.

Glycolic acid: gives a sense of exfoliation of the upper layer of the epidermis and the consequent increase in the speed of cell turnover, produces an increase in the activity of fibroblasts and in the production of collagen and elastin.

Vitamins, essential amino acids and other proteins: they promote peripheral vascularization and “oxygenate the skin”, ensuring the supply of nutrients and hydration of the skin.
Furthermore, vitamins perform an antioxidant and healing activity.

Succo d'aloe vera

Moisturizing, thanks to the richness in mucopolysaccharides, aloe vera has a great capacity to retain water, therefore it is effective in the treatment of dehydrated skin. It has an extraordinary ability to penetrate to the deepest layers of the dermis, allowing water and other moisturizing agents to penetrate to the last of the various layers of skin where the production of new cells takes place, thus stimulating regeneration. Antiallergic, calming, anti-inflammatory, suitable for atopic, sensitive skin, after hair removal and after sun exposure. Disinfectant, the polysaccharides and anthracene derivatives that Aloe vera contains guarantee its antiviral, bacteriostatic and antifungal activity, making it suitable for cleaning and caring for impure, acneic and seborrheic skins. Stimulating and regenerating, the content of amino acids, vitamins and minerals make Aloe vera an excellent nutrient for the skin. The collagen and elastin fibers that make up the skin's scaffolding tend to shrink and thin over time, the process accelerates with exposure to the sun, Aloe vera restores balance, stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin and increasing the soluble collagen content in the skin. This regenerating action is very useful after shaving or hair removal to prevent redness, rashes and pimples from appearing, as well as favoring the rapid closure of enlarged pores. Aloe vera is also effective in the treatment and prevention of stretch marks that usually appear in changes in body volume, in adolescence, in pregnancy, during a weight loss diet.


It's a oil rich emollient that deeply nourishes the skin and regulates its natural hydration system. It also has a soothing action on redness and irritation and is well tolerated even by the most sensitive skin.


The active ingredients contained in the calendula extract, in particular the flavonoids, exert an anti-inflammatory effect on sensitive and inflamed skin, stimulate re-epithelialization, accelerate epidermal turnover and promote the activity of fibroblasts in the dermis favoring the synthesis of collagen. For these properties, Calendula Officinalis Extract is used in different types of preparations for cosmetic use, in particular in those intended for sensitive, inflamed, acne-prone skin, in various products with a healing action, in diaper rash, in moisturizing and protective products in against irritation caused by mechanical and chemical agents. The topical use of Calendula Officinalis Extract does not present particular contraindications.


Mallow extract is obtained from the leaves of Malva sylvestris, a herbaceous plant belonging to the Malvaceae family. It occurs as a fine brown powder partially soluble in water. From the leaves and flowers a mucilage is obtained mainly consisting of L-rhamnose, L-arbinose, L-galactose, D-glucose and galacturonic acid which together with anthocyanins (malvin and malvidin) and vitamins A, B1 and C, constitutes the part active drug. The mucilages are able to absorb large quantities of water forming a fluid gel which, like a thin film, slowly releases water to the stratum corneum. The extract therefore has emollient, softening and protective properties


Cucumber, rich in water, vitamin C, amino acids and mineral salts, is known for its ability to visibly reduce dark circles. But not everyone knows that it also has extraordinary astringent and soothing properties, and is therefore suitable for those who have oily skin and want to eliminate blackheads.

A natural beauty ally, thanks to its emollient, softening and lightening properties. It has known soothing properties and is excellent for chapped and chapped skin.

High in vitamins, fatty acids and mineral salts, essential nourishment to keep the skin young, delaying its premature aging. The antioxidant substances present, especially vitamins A and E, counteract the action of free radicals. A toning and regenerating action of the tissues.


Cucumber, rich in water, vitamin C, amino acids and mineral salts, is known for its ability to visibly reduce dark circles. But not everyone knows that it also has extraordinary astringent and soothing properties, and is therefore suitable for those who have oily skin and want to eliminate blackheads.


It is rich in vitamins and has excellent nourishing, soothing, antioxidant and antibacterial properties. It contains a large amount of unsaponifiable components that create a protective film on the skin and protect it from external aggressions, cold and dehydration, leaving it soft, fragrant and elastic. It has an action that promotes cell renewal and increases blood circulation. What makes it so suitable for the skin is its high content of fatty acids, essential for hydration and elasticity of the skin. It is also naturally rich in vitamins A, E and F, essential vitamins for a good balance of the skin.

Jojoba oil revitalizes, regenerates and soothes irritated skin, strengthens it and prevents wrinkles. Its ease of absorption and its great ability to penetrate through the small pores of the epidermis, leaving it smooth and silky, gives jojoba oil an excellent moisturizing action.

The presence of fatty acids allows you to deeply hydrate even the driest and driest skin, restoring softness and elasticity. This last function in particular, or the elasticizing one, is the one for which this oil is very famous: it helps to avoid the appearance of stretch marks at the time of pregnancy or when you gain weight / lose weight quickly. Softening: this function mainly refers to the beneficial properties that sweet almond oil has been shown to have on the hair. It has been shown to greatly improve the condition of very dry, brittle or frizzy hair. Soothing: thanks to the fact that it has a composition very similar to the sebum that the skin normally produces, this oil is very well assimilated by the skin, which recognizes it as this "friend" and not a completely foreign substance. Since it is well tolerated, it is used a lot for skin with problems such as redness and irritation. Perfect, therefore, for sensitive and dry skin.

Ingredients of natural origin

Characterized by a high content of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals which are especially effective for skin health. Grapefruit is in fact a mine of vitamin C, precious for the production of collagen in the skin, thus helping to make it more compact, elastic and homogeneous. Useful against acne, impetigo, skin rashes and psoriasis precisely by virtue of its soothing, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties. Precisely for the latter reason and for the high content of vitamin C, grapefruit is also used as a natural remedy against water retention and cellulite blemishes because it is able to intervene on the circulatory system making the skin more toned and luminous with a effect that also extends to the underlying muscles.

It has a marked anti-free radical activity which is manifested by an improvement of cellular metabolism and prevention of membrane lipid peroxidation as well as a strong protective action at the level of the vascular endothelium which leads to a stabilization of capillary permeability and consequently to an improvement the functionality of the microcirculation.


A powerful anti-inflammatory, useful for calming irritation and redness even on the most sensitive skin. It boasts excellent moisturizing properties, gives the skin a natural sensation of softness and elasticity.

The richness of the unsaponifiable fraction, together with the particular composition in fatty acids, explains the well-known nourishing properties of Avocado oil. This product is widely used in cosmetics for its excellent eudermic and sebum-like, nourishing and regenerating characteristics, which make it particularly suitable for dry, devitalized, rough, dehydrated, eczematous or "dull" skin. The functional substances contained in the unsaponifiable fraction of avocado oil are in fact able to stimulate the activity of the fibroblasts of the dermis, promoting the synthesis of soluble collagen (with aging this fraction tends to decrease in favor of the insoluble one); on the other hand, avocatins act as inhibitors of collagenase, a protease that destroys collagen fibers. All this translates into an effective stimulation of skin renewal, with a consequent increase in hydration and elasticity of the skin. By virtue of these characteristics, cosmetics containing Avocado oil, or enriched with its unsaponifiable fraction, are particularly suitable for anti-wrinkle, anti-stretch mark, firming and sun protection treatments. Furthermore, the strong normalizing capacity of the skin's hydrolipidic mantle make avocado oil a precious ingredient for all cosmetic products intended for restoring the physiological softness and hydration of the skin.
Very rich in vitamin A, which helps oily skin to regulate itself and is above all important for skin regeneration. It is also rich in linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid, and in oleic acid, omega-9, which are important for skin hydration; of lycopene, an important antioxidant in fighting premature aging, and finally of beta-carotene, linked to vitamin A, important as everyone knows especially for exposure to the Sun or to treat damage caused by the Sun

It fights the action of free radicals, protecting cells from the oxidation process they trigger. Rich in polyphenols, valuable antioxidant substances, cocoa is a real ally for our skin. Not only for its antioxidant properties but also for its moisturizing, smoothing, purifying, exfoliating, nourishing and revitalizing action. The high mineral content ensures the revitalizing and invigorating action, characterized by the increase in tone and elasticity of the skin. Its characteristic composition rich in micro granules, on the other hand, guarantees it exfoliating, smoothing and regenerating power.


They are made up of amino acids such as glutamic acid, leucine, proline, argine and glycine, analogous to those that make up the structure of our hair and our skin. On the hair they have a substantiating, repairing, restructuring and filming action, they facilitate styling and make them shiny and voluminous. On the skin, wheat proteins act as moisturizers and conditioning agents and in detergents they mitigate any aggressiveness of the surfactants making the final product more delicate and eudermic.


Through the process of hydrolysis, proteins are reduced into amino acids and peptides because penetrate better into the hair cuticles and in the upper layers of the skin.

Furthermore, the hydrolyzed rice proteins increase the hair's capacity to retain water, for this they are considered a active moisturizer.
This feature also causes the hair, soaked in water, to acquire volume.

Dull and dull hair will be able to find, thanks to this ingredient, brilliance and manageability.
Rice proteins, in fact, film the hair cuticles for a visual result of shine and a feeling of silkiness to the touch.


Sodium PCA is an organic compound also present in our body as a moisturizing agent.

Sodium PCA has a great ability to retain water, for this it is used in cosmetics such as excellent humectant and moisturizer.
This natural substance acts as protective barrier for skin and hair: prevents the dispersion of water, so as to maintain skin and hair hydrated and protected from external aggressions or inflammations.

Being a delicate ingredient, Sodium PCA is also ideal for sensitive or inflamed skin.
Furthermore, it stimulates and improves the absorption of the other active ingredients present in the formulation.

Has conditioning and antistatic power for the hair, which turn out shiny, manageable and disciplined.
The skin also benefits from sodium PCA, which makes it hydrated and elastic and contributes to maintenance of the natural pH level of the skin.


It consists of high percentages of carotenoids, phospholipids, polyunsaturated fatty acids and unsaponifiable fraction rich in tocopherols. By virtue of its composition and high affinity with skin sebum, wheat germ oil has eudermic and restorative, antioxidant and elasticising properties.


Substance naturally produced by the human and animal organism, it is a very important component of the skin and connective tissues of our body. Particularly known for its strong moisturizing properties. A molecule of hyaluronic acid is able to bind (and therefore hold) up to one liter of water. In addition to its moisturizing properties, this substance has the ability to soothe irritation and redness, to promote tissue healing and to intervene on skin aging. Any side effects associated with its clinical, aesthetic and health use should not be sought in the substance itself, but rather in the way in which it is administered.


Lavender has been prized for its extraordinary healing power for hundreds of years. Not only is it a natural antibiotic with properties antiseptics, antidepressants and sedative, it is also capable of accelerating healing and preventing the formation of scars.
Its essential oil is one of the few that can be used pure on the skin. Its olfactory note, floral and light, has a calming effect on the mind and has the ability to reduce nervous tension.

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