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NewsSnail slime in summer: can it be used?

Many of you ask us, in fact it is one of the most popular questions of this season, or when we are preparing to face the heat and we do not want to neglect our skincare. This precious substance has multiple benefits for our skin and this is valid all year round, no period excluded, so the answer is absolutely YES!

That's why we should never give up snail slime during the summer.

It is a protein concentrate naturally rich in functional substances capable of restoring a healthy, young and toned appearance to the skin. For example, the substance called "Allantoin" soothes and renews the skin giving it nourishment and brightness; Glycolic acid, on the other hand, tends to stimulate exfoliation, penetrating the layers of the skin, eliminating dead cells and significantly counteracts specks and signs due to acne or hyperpigmentation.

Due to its exfoliating and soothing action, in summer it is preferable to use Snail Slime in evening skincare, before going to bed or as after sun.

You have already tried ours 99% pure snail slime?
You can apply it with the dispenser directly to the affected area or in the hand and then tap with your fingertips. By making constant use of it, you will soon notice the first results: it reduces dark spots, regenerates, awakens and brightens the complexion and performs a precious firming and anti-aging action.

Furthermore, the whole Dermorevita line it is based on snail slime, together with donkey milk, so all our products are more than suitable for dealing with rising temperatures and greater exposure to sunlight, for a complete well-being of face and body or even hair!

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