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Donkey milk

Valuable ally in the
prevention of aging

Extremely rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and proteins, it helps to keep the skin soft and silky.

Snail slime

An extraordinary action
regenerating of skin tissues

The glycolic acid, the allantoin, the elastin and the proteins naturally contained in this precious beauty elixir, make the skin uniform and smooth.


What our customers think

«Tried thanks to a & #039; friend, now I always keep it in my bag, it leaves the skin a velvet .... excellent! "

Simona Customer

"Now I use it daily, it's perfect because it absorbs quickly and leaves the skin very soft"

Maura Customer

«I bought the cream for my mom and she was really excited about it. It is fresh and non-greasy and using it consistently the skin appears more compact and wrinkles visibly reduced! "

Maria Customer

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